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Monty python present their flying sheep in french

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The 3 people who disliked this probably prefer flying in goats. It's understandable..

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French exam in 48 hrs. LE PUFF CELEBRE JEAN PAUL *swaps mustache*.

oh, porca miseria! mi schiatto dalle risate ogni volta..!!!! ormai sono Monty Pythons addicted!. ajutooooo!!!!!.

"Demonstration! Fantastique! Un, deux, trois!! Beee, beeee"!!.

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If you comment on my videos, I'll subscribe to you!.

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The great thing about this sketch is that you don't even need a basic understanding of French to find it hilarious.. Although it is funnier if you know what they're saying. :P.

I think when he's introducing Jean-Brian he says:. "Mon collègue le pouf célèbre, Jean-Brian Zatapatique".

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1:08 palin starts cracking up.

@PokerPlum LOL! OMG I never noticed until I read your comment! I love that!.

Mustache pass FTW!.

That's why I never travel with air france.

....i seek pole shift survival group......

Nic z tego nie rozumiem, ale to uwielbiam :D.

"Mais ou sont les bagages? Mais ou sont les voyageurs?!" ^^.

j'adore/ i like it. .

"Partez maintenant, ou je taunt vous une deuxième fois ! I fart dans votre direction générale, fils d'une personne idiote ! Votre mère était un hamster et votre père sentis des baies de sureau !" - Isn't that just the french translation of the french insults in the Holy Grail.

Funny in a different way if you have no idea what their saying..

This sketch is probably one of my personal favourites. :).

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He is! :D He recovers quite well though. And I've no idea why this was marked a spam.....

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My favourite Python sketch ever :). P.S.. Fuck the French ;].

I'd never leave school!.

well since airbus is still going, let's call this concorde. .

My God that's hilarious!. One of my favourites..

sooo true lol he is practically pressing his face on the wall XD.

je comprends. j'adore Monty Python, et je parle francais un peu, donc, je l'aime beaucoup..

Brilliant. Cracks me up everytime..

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